Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession DIY: Coat Hanger HD Antenna

Tired of your cable bill? A few of my friends started making their own HD TV antennas out of coat hangers, and it inspired me to make one myself. I can get all my local TV stations, and depending on what direction your window faces, you can get signals from more distant stations as well. The beauty of digital HD signals is that you either get the signal or you don't. (You may get square blotches if the signal is weak, but it's light years better than the old days of putting aluminum foil in bunny-ear antennas.)

Here are some good references on how to throw one of these together:
It's not pretty, but it's definitely a conversation item when friends are over. Build your own HD TV antenna and kiss your cable company goodbye! I'm going to try to post a series of DIY tips for all you recessionistas out there.


Anonymous said...

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Channel Master Store said...

I have recently bought an antenna which works great. I can receive all of my local channels in my area with clear signal. You don't half to spend alot for good quality.