Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First World Problems

Our city is in the middle of a strike by city workers, including garbage collectors. I'm tempted to go into an anti-union rant... but I reserve that privilege only for the members of ATU 113. (Keep on moving Toronto, ATU 113! Please?) This reminds me of something my co-worker told me when one of my friends had trouble finding wireless access for his iPhone. "It's a First World problem."

The developing nations of the Third World have to deal with not being able to get clean drinking water, battles between government soldiers and local warlords, or insufficient food to feed everyone. In the First World, we have "bigger" problems though. Things like bankable sick days or (to be fair) not having someone come to your house to pick up your garbage. When everyone involved looks at the big picture here, we don't have it all that bad. So citizens AND workers of Toronto, take a look at what you already have. It's pretty damn good, so try to keep things in perspective.

UPDATE: LCBO strike averted! We can all buy our liquor as we please now. First World crisis averted. Don't worry everyone. We'll find a solution to all our First World problems one day.... I promise.


john said...

Very well said.

rc1978 said...

Ah ATU 113... when are they up to bat next? :)