Thursday, October 14, 2010


About a month ago, we disconnected our TV antenna. We decided to turn our backs on the wasteland that television programming had become. Every night, we'd watch some procedural police drama that would start off with a grizzly murder, end with a sloppy murder confession, and filled in the middle with a series of unrealistic events. It was either that or the increasingly lazy spectacle of reality TV, which has become increasingly trashy and less entertaining. No, we weren't going to spend our precious evening hours staring at a glowing screen watching nonsense. They say that television is the Second Screen, with the First Screen being the movie theatre screen.

So what's happened in the last month? We've started listening to the radio. We've started going for walks. Most frighteningly, we've been diverting a lot of time to Facebook. So I can't declare this experiment a complete success, since we've substituted one time sink for another. I have diverted my time to the Third Screen. I surf the internet and Facebook on my laptop. Royal Pinguo is more tech savy and has diverted her attention to the Fourth Screen: Her new smart phone. Even though it's an Android phone, she reminds me of some of the people in this Microsoft commercial:

They also say there is a Fifth Screen... being the in-your-face screens in public places. Like the ones at Yonge/Dundas or the subway station. Meh.

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